Having entered the high rise painting and coating market over 10 years ago, we have been able to build a dedicated team for this market alone. There is a lot more involved in managing the painting and coating in mid rise or high rise buildings than that of a single residential home. Our team is trained on supply chain management, scheduling, workforce management and budgeting. Painting techniques also differ when handling large volume projects such as mid rise/high rise projects, this is why our site staff is specifically trained and geared towards this market. Planning and forecasting is a must in order to make a project succeed. High-rise is the mark of economic and social development and Pristine takes pride in being deeply immersed in the business that is the face of the future. When painting spaces in a high-rise, whether it’s apartments, offices or condominiums, it’s vital to engage with professionals who, besides delivering excellent quality, are also able to foresee possible delays, complications and handle it all in a timely manner, preventing expenses caused by scheduling conflicts.