Frequently Asked Questions

Pristine Painting & Decorating provides professional commercial, industrial and institutional as well as residential interior and exterior painting services. Our staff is trained to use products from simple latex paints to specialized high performance coatings such as epoxies or urethanes. Whether it’s a small bedroom, office repaint or it’s a large commercial/industrial building, each of our specialized divisions are able to assist with all your needs. Contact us via email at to know more about our services.

We take pride in our reputation as the best painters in Florida. Our commitment to excellence means not only delivering a professional job but also friendly service in a timely manner. As a specialty Contractor it is our mission to have the solutions to any issues and serve your company as a Trade Partner on any and all projects. Our focus is customer satisfaction, from Pre-Construction to Closeout. We make sure all matters concerning your project are handled in a timely and most professional manner. Our Estimating staff review all specifications and products prior to beginning an estimate, to ensure there are no unforeseen issues with your project. We believe in teamwork and prior to starting any project Management reviews the job with Estimating, Project Management and our Foreman to ensure everyone understands the project and what their responsibilities are to ensure we deliver a successful job. Pristine Painting & Decorating, Inc. ensures that you get the best quality paint job with our up to 5 year warranty 100%** of our interior paint is either low VOC or Zero VOC paint, meaning you won’t have to worry about heavy smells or chemical effects. We offer a wide range of paint products to meet your budget needs. It is vital to choose a high-quality painting contractor to beautify and protect your home and business.

**Industrial, commercial and institutional warranty will vary.

When we do the initial color consult, we bring color charts from all of the high-end brands we use so clients can see the various choices and combinations. We can recommend colors, gloss levels, paint type—pretty much anything that will result in an ideal outcome. If a client wants to see the color on the walls, we are glad to provide brush outs. If you have any other paint color questions feel free to drop us a line at

Pristine Painting & Decorating, Inc. will begin your exterior painting project by cleaning surfaces to kill mold and mildew and create the optimal conditions for a flawless finish. Depending on the surface type and time of year, paint removal and preparation complete using high heat, chemical stripping and electric sanding.

We do not paint exteriors when rain is in the immediate forecast or any substrate when conditions are outside of the product limitations. When we’re doing preparation, we only prepare as much as we know can be safely painted if there’s any possibility of rain. Several quick-drying finishes dried in a couple of hours and applied in temperatures as low as 38 degrees.

Yes . We can apply products to ANY substrate, as long as we prepare the surface and apply the appropriate product, such as bonding primers or chemicals to etch the surface.

Yes, we do! We’ve helped restore buildings to match the original paint colors. We have worked with architects and designers to produce an accurate representation and return buildings to their former glory.

These are the types of jobs we excel at from knowledge and experience we can assist you in determining the correct means and methods to complete difficult and less forgiven substrates.

Measurement is only one of the factors considered when providing estimates. Some include the amount and type of windows, molding usually and other trim, the number of different colors used, and how many coats. The paint quality, how much protection we need to provide for furniture, and how much preparation is involved.

Pristine Painting & Decorating, Inc. estimates are absolutely free! Our estimates are thoughtfully and thoroughly produced, we will ensure to provide you with a detailed estimate as much as possible. For a free, no obligation quote on your next project, you can reach us at

Yes, we have a 5-year, 100% Quality Guarantee against defects in quality for Residential projects. Our Commercial and Industrial warranties can vary depending on what the contractor or owner requires.

That means that we will do the best job possible, but should your paint peel or blister within the years indicated, we will promptly fix any issues at no additional cost to you.

Yes, Pristine Painting & Decorating, Inc delivers exceptionally high quality results.

Pristine Painting & Decorating rotates in and out of various projects, from large HOA exterior projects, where prices are very competitive, and productivity is key to success, to large multi-million-dollar custom home projects, where attention to quality is the cornerstone to success. We feel that this experience benefits our clients with both types of projects. When we are doing high-end work, it helps because our painters know how to be efficient and productive. When they move over to work on HOA projects, they bring attention to detail that our competition typically does not have. Our painters will definitely raise if they see a potential problem, rather than just painting over it. It’s Pristine Painting & Decorating quality and promise.

Pristine Painting & Decorating, Inc. has extensive experience in all aspects of painting. We invested in training related to safety, handling hazardous waste, properly handling paint with lead, and proper preparation and application, management, and certifications for applying specific products.

Yes, we do! We handle all project sizes though our focus is in Commercial painting. We are also great at working on small and medium-sized work. Our goal is to service our clients and all their painting needs.

Yes, we can provide proof of insurance along with our proposal as requested. Once the project is sold, and the contracts are signed, we provide certificates of insurance that are job specific and time-specific.

We are usually given a date by which our bid should be submitted, and we will submit by that date. It is beneficial if the bid information and instructions we receive are complete.

We believe that commercial painting services are one of our top areas of expertise. We have professional teams of qualified and experienced commercial painters that offer high-quality commercial painting services for multi-tenant buildings, restaurants, commercial buildings, industrial properties, and more. We always want to be your leading choice when it comes to commercial painting; we know the value of working efficiently, but we still pay proper attention to detail to successfully execute any size project we are hired to do. To get a free quote, you can email us at

Absolutely! We take our job seriously and wouldn’t consider a painting business without a license and insurance.